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Page Title: Sellers Roadmap
Anne Humphries, Realtor. 1201 Cole Mill Road, Turbeville, SC 29162, phone: 843-659-5152

Why choose me to sell your property

Time - I will handle the details of your transaction for you, show your property and save you a lot of time.

Financing the buyer - I can help the buyer understand the different financing options available and help them get qualified to buy.

Evaluation - I will help you evaluate every buyer's offer without compromising your market position.

Negotiation - There are many negotiation factors - price, financing, possession, repairs, inspections, I will provide you with sound advice.

Pricing - If you are selling, I will give you updated information on the current market, the price of comparables and competing properties in your neighborhood.

Resources / Knowledge - I know the communities, the schools, churches, doctors, hospitals, shopping, and recreation. I have access to a variety of informational recourses.

Marketing - I will market your property locally, nationally, and globally through the multiple listing service, the internet at,, Zillow, Yahoo, Craig’s List, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and share information about your property to real estate agents who represents buyers.

Closing - I can help you through the transaction to a successful closing, answering questions and avoiding potential pitfalls and guide you through the closing process making sure every thing come together smoothly.


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